3-6 June, 2015. Ponta Delgada Azores, Portugal.

Подача тезисов - до 16.01.2015


 Fundamentals of smart materials and structures

 Modeling/formulation and characterization of smart actuators, sensors and smart material systems

 Trends and development in diverse areas such as material science including composite materials, intelligent hydrogels, interfacial phenomena, phase boundaries and boundary layers of phase boundaries, control, micro- and nano-systems, electronics, etc. to be considered for smart systems

 Comparative evaluation of different smart actuators and sensors

 Analysis of structural concepts and designs in terms of their adaptability to smart technologies

 Design and development of smart structures and systems

 Biomimetic phenomena and their inspiration in engineering

 Fabrication and testing of smart structures and systems

Application of smart materials, structures and related technology

 Smart robots

 Morphing wings and smart aircraft

 Artificial muscles and biomedical applications

 Smart structures in mechatronics

 Energy harvesting


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