October 12-15, 2014  ACI CASTELLO, ITALY

Подача тезисов - до 12.05.2014


IEEE-NMDC 2014 will be the 9th in an international series. In 2014 it will be hosted for the first time in Europe, in Aci Castello, a scenic sea town in Sicily, Italy.


IEEE-NMDC 2014 wants to be a forum of discussion about nanotechnology, with a special focus on materials and devices.


Graphene and carbon nanotubes based materials and devices

Materials and devices for nanoelectronics

Materials and devices for energy and environmental applications

Nanostructures for future generation solar cells

Ion beam synthesis and modification of nanostructures

Advanced characterization of nanomaterials and nanostructures

Modeling and simulation of nanomaterials, structures, and devices

Metamaterials and plasmonic devices

Photonic materials and devices

Organic semiconductor materials, devices and applications

Nanostructures of oxide semiconductor materials

III-V semiconductors nanomaterials

Nanostructures for water purification

Nanomaterials and devices for biomedical applications

Standards and safety issues of nanotechnology

Fundamentals and applications of nanotubes, nanowires, quantum dots and other low dimensional materials


Сайт конференции: www.ieee-nmdc2014.org